Film and photographs

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Showcase your business with Acres

It’s smart to use film marketing, the most engaging form of communication

We create film and capture photographs for websites, social media and recruitment. We offer a comprehensive service, why not book a no-obligation review of the options and learn how easy it is to benefit from the power of film marketing.

What benefits will your investment in digital media achieve?

  • Gain attention of new potential customers
  • Promote your business ahead of the competition
  • Professional training films for your employees
  • Build trust between you and your customers
  • Demonstrate your process to prove you are a viable company
  • Present your core values and work ethic to potential customers & employees
  • Build a strong brand that will draw customers towards you and not your competitors

At Simon Acres Group, we use very personal video messages dedicated to specific social media groups depending on the objective. Marketing is then more personal and lets the potential candidates know that you are trustworthy.

Film Testimonial
Present testimonials to ensure your customers trust what you do. It’s always better than just a dry description on a website. Films give your customers a chance to look at the people behind your business and a sense of welcoming into your brand. It shows that your company is alive and the photos on your website are considered and planned and not just stock pictures.

Testimonial film example: