Resolution Chair by Joseph Boobier



Designer: Joseph Boobier

3D Design Graduate from Manchester School of Art
Working with thought-provoking concepts

Design Concept

A visual and interactive back to back chair inspired by political conflicts.

The chair demonstrates the importance of compromise in resolving conflicts.


Education, workplace & domestic

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The chair with an amazing story behind

This resolution chair has been inspired by the designer’s, Joseph Boobier, own experiences. It is a visual and interactive demonstration that conflict is never resolved unless both sides sit down
together to talk and listen.

The chair is made to be uncomfortable and unstable when used by one person to demonstrate that being one–eyed and not listening to both sides of an argument will never lead to peace.

My general practice focuses on one-off pieces of furniture, made from either wood or metal.

However, in this project I have decided to focus on the theme of conflict, with the aim of designing and manufacturing a thought-provoking concept chair which has been inspired by
my own experiences.

In the Summer of 2018 I volunteered with SkatePal, a non-profit organisation which builds skate parks and teaches skateboarding to the children and young people in Palestine’s occupied territories. As a volunteer skate board coach, I was based in the village of Jayyous in the West Bank.

Jayyous has a population of 5000 people and is located only three kilometres from the separation wall. This location means that the village is a regular target for the Israeli Army who come into the village heavily armed and almost always results in people being arrested and having tear gas thrown at them – occasionally people have been shot. It is in this atmosphere of conflict that the children and young people are growing up.

The skate park is situated on the top of a hill with a stunning view that overlooks Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean. In the stifling heat of the summer I was struck by the fact that the people of Jayyous are constantly reminded of what they cannot experience – the freedom to visit places outside of the wall or swim in the sea.

A truly innovative sitting experience. Not just a chair for the body but the mind too; embracing companionship, eye contact and elegant craftsmanship. A gift for any kitchen or home space where sociability is desired

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