Aiden Cowell

Group Operations Director

Brief info

Aiden has recruitment and training experience gained from years with the number 1 global retailer and his most recent post at one of the UK`s largest kitchen retailers has provided him with a sound understanding of the KBB market.
At Optimal Holdings, Aiden gained his multi-sector recruitment experience and significantly, was also responsible for training, learning, and development.
To continue his own personal development, Aiden has commenced a 12-week course with an examination to achieve a Certificate of Recruitment Practice. Aiden has a personal interest in interior design, passionate about providing high standards and best customer service within the KBB industry.
Multi experienced in team development, training, and recruitment, Aiden communicates well and delivers results for his clients.




“Working alongside Aiden, there is never any doubt in the commitment, and passion he gives to work, and projects. Aiden is a true expert in his field, and has the natural ability to work with different people at all levels. When a new business direction takes place he is able to understand, and adapt to make sure that high productivity levels are maintained. With his people skills, he is able to break it down, problem solve with solutions, and deliver the message/project so that everyone is on board. This has meant Aiden always works in partnership with peers and businesses regardless of level or industry.”

Andrew Munn
Lunatus Resourcing LTD

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