Kordian Pach

Group Marketing Director

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Kordian's business experience is vast in terms of accountancy, information technology, social media, graphic design, photography, and media production.
His previous experience includes managing data, statistics, and accountancy within National Health Care, Worldpress.com and more recently Crodo Agency.
Degree educated at The Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk and his later experience as a manager in hotels Kordian has a great understanding of business reality.
Directly managing consultancy services, Kordian is responsible for quality marketing by utilising the growing importance of social media, website development and leading presentations with a unique design.
Kordian is forward-thinking, offers consultancy clients a different approach and with cost-effective unique solutions.

I`m definitely pleased with my experience working with Kordian Pach. As a business owner, I felt very supported in my vision. Kordian’ s ability to listen first, reflect and then translate my ideas into results was exceptional. Before hiring Kordian, I had experience in traditional business, but I needed a special website design to grow my company.  Kordian provided timely responses to my many questions, helping me find solutions that I had not previously concidered. His positive solutions were greatly appreciated. I`m pleased to recommend Kordian as your future business consultant. I have no doubt that this will be a jackpot win for your company

Saumia Patel – Director


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