Marcus Lane

Talent Acquisition Consultant

That classic British story – finished school, finished college.. and started flipping burgers at the local bowling alley. I enjoyed the free quarter pounders (even if my body certainly didn’t) – but figured there had to be more to life. 

Aside from two stepping in funky shirts at a music festival and drinking too much wine,I finally got that lucky strike and ended up at B&Q designing kitchens. Ironically, absolutely hating DIY with every cell in my body. 

That got me thinking, this whole KBB industry was pretty cool.. and maybe I’d stick around after all. Armed with an insane amount of home improvements knowledge (because honestly, not all paintbrushes were made equal!), I made my way into KBB and Merchant recruitment and I don’t plan to look back. 

I`m looking forward to working with the Simon Acres Recruitment clients and supporting  candidates with my kbb and building materials knowledge.

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