Website Development
& Social Media Marketing

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We simplify your website journey, providing time and expertise so you can focus on your business.

Utilising smart solutions and unique ideas, we will manage the process, working closely with you to create a stunning new website.


Highly creative videos deliver impact and improve engagement on social media platforms. We can create corporate videos, training films or capture live events and customer testimonials.

Whether your captive audience is your customers, stakeholders, staff or partners, at Simon Acres Group, we focus on engaging with people face-to-face, achieving the best possible media solution.

Social media

Social media is key to any successful business, to drive sales and brand awareness through effective engagement with target markets.

Working alongside you, we’ll create great content, manage your media and increase the number of potential new customers.

Can you ignore the growing importance of digital marketing? Website development and social media marketing

Support with media production, website development and social media marketing, WordPress implementation, E-commerce such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

Our Core Web Services:

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We choose the very best technology to deliver websites that stand out from your competitors.

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Utilising both Mailchimp software and coding we will prepare and maintain your mailing campaigns to enhance your brand awareness.

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We will run your e-commerce site to be engaging, safe for you and customers, and help deliver specific services and products directly to your customers.

other services and social media
Maintenance, SEO, hosting,
content updates

As your partner, we will offer different ongoing packages that will update and support different business needs.

Talk to us about your website needs on 0203 701 6660

Are you a new KBB or Merchant business in need of a stunning website or an existing company who would like a complimentary review on your existing website?

If you would like to benefit from our highly skilled website development team who have the creative know-how?

Our customers are important to us. We strive to exceed expectations and maintain long term partnerships.

Let's learn how to use smart solutions for data collection and social media campaigns

Let’s learn how to use smart solutions for data collection and social media campaigns

Tools are within your reach and potentially being used by your competitors. With our support, we will give you the knowledge about the opportunity and help you to understand the indicators.

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Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that enables the business to create ad campaigns on Google properties.

Facebook is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising available on social media by directing your message to your target market.

MailChimp allow’s you to maintain relationships with your existing customers, but also expand your products onto potential customers.


We know everyone has heard about Google Analytics but not everyone knows how to use it. It is a key application to broaden your knowledge about people visiting your website.

FastTony software is used for companies that don’t have time to plan Facebook adverts and saves time with automation.

Brand24 will notify you when you are discussed or mentioned on social media platforms. For example, understand what people say about you as it’s “water off a duck back” but, it’s good to know what’s being said.

Would you like to review your digital marketing presence? We create and produce quality film, photographs and smart copy to help grow your business.